Nature Club

To create awareness, motivate & educate students about environment, conservation. To conduct field trip activities and exhibition on environment and to conduct environmental cleanliness.

Dr. P. CheramannanPresident
Dr. J. Preena JaneOrganizing Secretary
Dr. P. VenkadakrishnanConvener
Dr. P. BhuvaneshMember
Fine Arts Club

Fine Arts Club (Cultural, Arts, Crafts & Music):

The aim of this club is to provide opportunities for the students to develop their talents & creative skills. To make the student community understand, the strength of our tradition for the betterment of “quality of Life”

Dr. P. CheramannanPresident
Dr. R. Arun KumarOrganizing Secretary
Dr. A.L. SujiConvener
Dr. V. JeniferMember
Eve’s Club

To facilitate & increase the contribution of women to the society and to organize and educational activity for development of women.

Dr. P. CheramannanPresident
Dr. G. GengalakshmiOrganizing Secretary
Dr. V. Mangala RubiniConvener
Dr. S. LathaMember
Mrs. S. VimalaMember
Mrs. S. MathinaMember
The Service Club

The Service Club (NSS, YRC, RRC & Blood Donation)

The primary objective of the NSS is to inculcate personality and leadership qualities among the students through community service. The NSS unit started functioning in our college since 2003 and is involved actively in various programs, organizing eye camp, dental camp and blood donation camps, tree planting program, helping tribal children, conducting first-aid courses, etc… These are some of the outstanding programs of the NSS unit. Besides these special camps at selected villages; distribution of sewing machines and tricycles for physically challenged are also some of the exemplary services done by our unit.

An active unit of YRC (Youth Red Cross) is functioning in the institution. The volunteers are regularly participating in social awareness programs and competitions conducted by various YRC’s & The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical university apart from our own regular programs.

RRC (Red Ribbon Club) of our institution functions actively by arranging social awareness programs and special lectures.

Dr. P. CheramannanPresident
Dr. P. VenkadakrishnanOrganizing Secretary
Dr. R. Arun KumarConvener
Dr. A. Jahafar SadikMember
Mr. V. RaviMember

Techno Med - The Magazine & E-Club

To conduct e-competitions quarterly, to release bi-yearly magazine and to update all events & activities in social media by which the student improves their technical as well as their inborn skills.

Dr. P. CheramannanPresident
Dr. Jerin. J.POrganizing Secretary
Dr. S. SowkanthConvener
Dr. H. Satish KumarMember
News Club

To update the latest medical skills and knowledge of students by involving each person of the club in gathering new information in medicine, homoeopathy & research.

Dr. P. CheramannanPresident
Dr. M. Jansi RaniOrganizing Secretary
Dr. S. MahalakshmiConvener
Dr. S. ShilpaMember
Staff Orientation Club

The staff orientation club was formed for the sole purpose to update the knowledge skills as well develop the teaching skills according to the current world.

Dr. P. CheramannanPresident
Dr. P.J. SureshOrganizing Secretary
Dr. Jerin. J.PConvener
Dr. P. BhuvaneshMember
Sports Club

The aim of the club is to inoculate the spirit of adventure among the youth. A good adventurer automatically becomes a good human being and a good human being becomes a good citizen. Sports activities are conducted to keep the students fit and to make them active both physically & mentally.

Dr. P. CheramannanPresident
Dr. R. PradeipaOrganizing Secretary
Dr. F. Rameezha BurvinConvener
Dr. H. Satish KumarMember
Dr. A. Jahafar SadikMember
Personality Development Club

It is process of shaping and enhancing the skills knowledge and interest in overall development, etiquette both the professional & personal, building up self confidence and self esteem among the participants.

Dr. P. CheramannanPresident
Dr. G. Nagendra BabuOrganizing Secretary
Dr. K. MahadevanConvener
Dr. C. KannanMember

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