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Department of Homoeopathic pharmacy

The Department imparts teaching to the pre clinical students about various drug s and their collections and preparation etc. Students are exposed to different methods of preparing homoeopathic medicines and the method of their standardization as per the standard Pharmacopoeia. Apart from theoretical and practical training in the subject of Pharmacy periodical assessment tests and tutorials are conducted to equip the students for their 1st BHMS examination under the Tamilnadu Dr. M.G.R Medical University. The well equipped laboratory can accommodate 25 students at a time which has an attached Herbarium Room with herbarium sheets, herb specimen (dry), herb specimens (preserved in FAA solution), mineral specimens and animal specimens. Department is also having. Charts on Pharmacy & also enough chemicals for conducting practical classes. Departmental Library stocks related books in the subjects like BHP, USHP, and HPI along with other reference books on medicinal plants and CD's on pharmacy.