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Short Term Studentship Programme 2018

The following 6 Students of Sri Sai Ram Homoeopathy Medical College & Research Centre are selected for the Short Term Studentship Programme (STSH) 2018 conducted by Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy (CCRH), New Delhi, India. This is a Research programme for students Conducted every year by CCRH. Total students selected for STSH 2018 from various colleges all over India is 108.

S.N0 Name of the Student Year Topic for the Research Guide Name
1 Preethana .E.Y III BHMS An Eco-friendly approach in the growth of the plants by Homoeopathic medicine Tanacetum vulgarea as an Insecticide in the growth of Lycopersicon eseculentum Dr. F. Rameezha Burvin
2 Preetha .R II BHMS A Comprehensive study of tissue remedies in the treatment of dandruff Dr. G. Gengalakshmi
3 Meena .D IV BHMS Role of Homoeopathy in the management of hypothyroidism Dr. R. Arun Kumar
4 Kuralarasi .M II BHMS Constitutional approach of childhood asthma in the Homoeopathic medicine Dr. P.J. Suresh
5 Kalaivaanan .T III BHMS Efficacy of Natrum muriaticum 30 for Headache in undergraduate BHMS girl students Dr. P. Cheramannan
6 Thamarai Ravishankar III BHMS Efficacy of Jaborandi Q in the treatment of hair fall controls both externally and internally. Dr. R. Vijay Anand